Geistlich Symposium and workshops: 25-26 september 2014

Geistlich Symposium and workshops @ EAO Rome

ТЕМА: Management of extraction sockets. Inspired by science, established in daily practice

ДАТА: 25-26/09/2014 г.

Theory and Practice

Lectures with: Prof. Jan Lindhe, PD Dr. Dietmar Weng
Hands-on workshops with: PD Dr. Dietmar Weng, Dr. Mauro Merli

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  • The extraction socket and its recovery – Prof. Jan Lindhe, Sweden
  • Clinical concepts in handling extraction sockets – PD Dr. Dietmar Weng, Germany

Hands-on workshops

  • Extraction sockets in daily practice – Simplify your augmentation by benefitting from scientific knowledge – PD Dr. Dietmar Weng, Germany
    Fence Technique: A new regenerative procedure with biomaterials for 3D reconstruction. Indications, advantages and limits – Dr. Mauro Merli, Italy